Corkscrew Road Development and Growth

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East Corkscrew Road Development and Growth

Greater Estero Community Report: Qtr 3 2021

The East Corkscrew Road is currently undergoing significant expansion, as most of you already know. Several new developments outside the Esters Village boundary include Wild Blue, The Place Corkscrew, Verdana, Corrscrew Shores, FFDFarms, and CorkscrewEstates. Locals advocate for widening this busy street. The first phase was completed last year and should be done by 2024. The second phase will expand the road to Alico road (outside the village boundaries) and should be complete by 2025. Unfortunately, this section is not yet considered for extension. Advocates believe that this needs to be widened as soon as possible.

Local advocates have been integral in improving traffic flow and accessibility to several communities, including wild blue and Bella Terra. By campaigning for matching up entrances and suggesting traffic lights, these advocates improved traffic flow and accessibility for those living in these areas. They also suggested improvements to the water flow, thus ensuring that the residents could enjoy all that it had to offer. These efforts were applauded by the community members, who were happy to see the results of these changes. The Estero village council, the developers, environmentalists and the Lee county commissioners should be congratulated for their collaborative effort in making this happen. This is a great example of how everyone can work together for the greater good. The collaboration between these groups was essential in bringing about change.

Without a balanced approach to development, the anticipated influx of new residents will not occur. Who wants to spend hours commuting into town just to go shopping, bank, school, or drive down the highway? But, if developers do not consider the protection and preservation of wetlands, density reduction, groundwater resources, and critical habitat, then a backlash from conservation oriented organizations and the public is certain. We must get agreement among everyone to make communities along Estero Boulevard another desirable part of the larger Estero area. Developers have a track record of improving our quality of life in the community, and with your help, we believe we can reach an amicable decision for all.

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